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The spicy little love child of Otis and Sarah Frizzell – The Lucky Taco food truck is a bit of an institution on Ponsonby Rd. So when they wanted to expand into products and grocery to share their delicious mexican experience with the rest of New Zealand, we helped create consistent brand and packaging with a fun, authentic feel.

Lucky Taco

branding and packaging

Lucky Taco Bottles Group.jpg
TLT 4-Chilli Salt_Clip.jpg
TLT 7-Horchata_Clip.jpg
TLT 5-Pink Pickle_Clip.jpg
TLT 6-Exciting Carrots_Clip.jpg

A library of graphics and fonts was created to help each product have its own look and personality while still forming part of a larger brand

Lucky Taco photography 2.jpg
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